What I Write

Steampunk Stories:

Maddie Hatter and the Gilded Gauge (Tyche Books April 2017)

Maddie Hatter and the Deadly Diamond (Tyche Books, 2015)

The Evil Eye of Africa - a guess-the-murderer game in two acts

Parasol Dueling: An Epistle on the Infamous Hungarian Imperial Rules

Dueling Figures in Daily Life, in A Guidebook to Parasol Dueling - the Brandenburg Variation (Written by Kevin Jepson, with original artwork by Audra Balion)

Coming Soon: 


Recent anthology appearances:

Wedding Snaps, The Whole She-Bang 3 (Sisters-in-Crime Toronto, November 2016)
When the Tide Burns. Enigma Front: BURNT (Analemma, August 2016)
Sudden Death. AB Negative. (Coffin Hop Press, August 2015)
Quest for Parts. Enigma Front (Analemma, August 2015)
Easter Aches. World Enough & Crime. (Carrick Publishing, 2014)

  Awards and Honours 

  •  Saskatchewan Writers Guild Award for Children’s Literature, 1990, for “Princess Alex and the Dragon Deal”
  •  CWA 2001 Short Fiction third prize for “Lake View”
  •  CWA 2002 Short Fiction first prize for “The Toothpick Bridge”
  •  Toronto Star Short Story Contest, 2002, long-listed for “Half Hour to Sunset
  • Great Canadian Story 2003, third prize for “The Medicine Line? 
  • Freefall Magazine Prose Contest, 2004, second prize “Hallowe’en Kisses
  • Great Canadian Story 2005, third prize for “Blood and Bone”
  • Great Canadian Story 2006, third prize for “Tommy Palmer’s Ghost”
  • CWC Unhanged Arthur 2008, long-listed for “Tea & Tommyguns”
  • CWC Unhanged Arthur 2011, short-listed for “When the Bow Breaks”
  • Bloody Words 2011, Bony Pete prize for “Each Canadian Son”
  • NOWW 2012 Fiction Contest, First prize for “Trail of the Wolf”
  • Debut Dagger 2013, Highly Commended for “When the Bow Breaks”
  • Dundurn Unhanged Arthur 2016, Winner for "When the Flood Falls"
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