Monday, July 30, 2018

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When a reluctant psychic stumbles over a dead intern at her holiday rental, ex-Mountie Lacey McCrae must drop her Christmas shopping to hunt a killer across Alberta's frozen wilderness.

What they're saying about it: 

"This holiday punch of a story is laced with toxic exes, jealous siblings, dangerous accountants, and even a Christmas ghost bent on revenge. Where the Ice Falls is a haunting tale that probes the mysteries of life and death even while it entertains."

Elle Wild, author of Strange Things Done 

"Lacey’s approach to solving the mystery is as methodical as a police procedural, and her pragmatic approach strikes a nice balance with the more ethereal clues we are given by Zoe in her communing with the spirit world. Think Ghost meets Veronica Mars..."


What's being said about the Falls Mysteries #1

More than a riveting page-turner, When the Flood Falls also offers readers a stirring celebration of female friendship and the ability of women to summon strength and resilience in times of crisis. I already can’t wait for the next Lacey McCrae adventure.

Beneath the many mysteries of Barnard’s character-driven debut are enduring questions about the complexities of life and the choices people make.
Kirkus Reviews

A taut, high-stakes thriller that is deeply personal, internal, and psychological.
Foreword Reviews

A fine debut, one hopes the first of many Lacey McCrae novels to come.

This complex, unconventional debut, which revolves around the power of men to instill fear, unfolds slowly, introducing the voices of three individuals suffering from some form of trauma.
Library Journal

"a fresh and compelling story artfully told by a writer at the top of her game. Barnard's protagonist, Ex-RCMP officer, Lacey McCrae is smart, decent and wounded, a complex character that I look forward to following."
"Set in the stunning foothills of the Rocky Mountains, When the Flood Falls weaves a compelling, intricate tale of love, community, and betrayal in the high-stakes world of big oil and hockey. In this impressive series debut, Barnard introduces Lacey McCrae, a tough but fragile ex-RCMP officer in search of a new path to dignity."

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