Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Tiara Tuesday: I see STARS!

#1 The Diadem of the Stars (Diadema das Estrelas), in the Portuguese Crown Jewels

Originally commissioned by Queen Consort Maria Pia of Savoy in 1863 from the workshop of  Estêvão de Sousa - and taking a full 3 years to complete - it is made of gold, silver, and colourless and pink diamonds.  

Its companion necklace of stars, seen here, is missing the silver but beautiful nonetheless. 

#2  A 21st-century Tiara of Stars

This tiara was worn in 2002 by Máxima Zorreguieta Cerruti from Argentina, when she married Prince Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands. He's now King, as his mother, Queen Beatrice, abdicated in his favour in 2013, making the wearer Queen Maxima.

The tiara is a combination piece: the base belongs to the Netherlands' Pearl Button Tiara, and the diamond stars belonged to Queen Emma, given to her as brooches when she married King Willem III in 1879.

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