Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Author Interviews Ahead!

Starting in October, I'll be periodically interviewing authors I've come across at book events and some whose works I have been devoted to for many years.

In no particular order, expect to hear from:

 H. Leighton Dickson - author of Cold Stone & Ivy, a delightful quasi-Victorian fiction in which our spunky heroine, Ivy - a writer of pulp mysteries - gets swept up into a real-life gothic adventure that sets her wits against a killer known as the Ripper for his gruesome treatment of his victims.

Adam Dreece - whose Yellow Hoods series for ages 9 and up is often referred to as Emergent Steampunk, being set in a low-tech rural environment where machines and gadgetry are just making their appearance. His newest book is a departure to a futuristic, high-tech setting and plot.

John Floyd - an unquestioned master of the short crime story, he's the only person to ever win Derringer Awards in two different categories in the same year.

Beverly Graves Myers - whose Tito Amato mystery series has been enchanting me for ages. Tito's a 17th c. Venetian opera singer, and the books are not only intriguing mysteries but windows to a long-vanished world of opulence and artifice.  I've reviewed one of her books here.

Simon Rose - popular writer of adventures for boys, Simon is almost equally known for the quality and depth of his school visiting program.

There will likely be more interviews as I get braver about poking into the psyches of my fellow authors.

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