Sunday, September 11, 2016

World Parasol Dueling Championships

The Third Annual World Championships were held Saturday, September 10, 2016 at Lougheed House in Calgary, AB.
Photo credit to Lougheed House

A few preliminary dueling photos below, thanks primarily to Peter Justine and Barb Sand. As for how it's done, think of Rock-Paper-Scissors with beautiful gowns, pretty parasols, and plenty of attitude.

 Judges: Baroness Fawkes and Madame Saffron Hemlock
Photo by Peter Justine

Photo by Peter Justine
 Dueling: it's a family affair! Past World Flirtation Champion with her daughter (now World Junior Champion) and sons, one of whom is an official apprentice to the Doctors (referees).
The Apprentice receiving his badge of office. Photo by Peter Justine

Out-Snubbed by a past World-Champion. Photo credit by Barb Sand
Dodging a Snub. Photo credit by Barb Sand
Madame Creller is an intent spectator. Behind her Captain Cynthia prepares mentally for her next bout.Photo credit by Barb Sand

Photo credit by Barb Sand
World's most intent competitor stands ready to slay an opponent

Dueling Daughter and Mother (2015 Flirtation Champion) Photo credit by Barb Sand

Sarafina, the 2015 World and Dueling Champion, faces down a foe. Photo credit by Barb Sand

Snubs cancel each other out. Photo by Peter Justine
Photo credit to Lougheed House
A lovely tea was served to us in the gardens by 
The Victorian Society of Alberta.

L-R: 2015 World Champion Sarafina Kain, Street Dueling pioneer Monica Willard, 2015 Compulsory Figures Champion Cindy Bedford, Regional Bronze Raven Hawthorne, Past World Champion Karen Siemens, 2015 Flirtation Champion Josanna Justine, Regional Junior Briona Justine, Cali Brewer.Photo by Peter Justine

From left: Monica, Creator of Street Dueling; Cali, newly-sashed 2016 Dueling Champion; Raven (seated), newly-sashed Flirtation Champion; Karen, newly-sashed World Champion; Josanna (seated), newly-sashed Compulsory Figures Champion; Cindy, newly-sashed (and first Official) Street Dueling Champion.

A delightful day with cooperative weather, minimal equipment malfunctions, and prize bags contributed to by the following artisans and businesses: Audra Balion Art & Design, Attic Raiders, Zoltangal Emporium, Ricardo dos Reis of Old West Leather, Jayne Barnard, Kevin Jepson, Cindy Bedford.

Our thanks go to Lougheed House for welcoming us to their lovely gardens for this event.

A video montage of the day's most beautiful moments

The Doctors' official report of the proceedings, with many photos from spectators.
For more complete coverage see Madame Saffron Hemlock's Parasol Dueling Academy for Steampunk Ladies or search 


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