Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Tiara Tuesday: Queen Victoria's Wedding Coronet

Is it a cultural treasure belonging to the British people, and if so, can they raise the money to keep it? Or does the owner have the right to sell it even if that means it leaves the country?

That's THE HOT TIARA TOPIC IN BRITAIN this week, as an export permit for the piece has been temporarily frozen.

The tiara was given by the King and Queen to Princess Mary in 1922, on her marriage to Viscount Lascelles. Technically, it left the Crown Jewels at that point. Eventually her descendants sold it, and it's the purchaser who wants to sell it abroad. 

Where is the line between a private individual's right to dispose of their property, and the right and obligation of the nation to protect its cultural heritage?

For comparison purposes, here's the tiara Queen Elizabeth II wore at her wedding to Prince Phillip of Greece and Denmark. It can also be worn as a necklace.


Here's a bit of the convoluted history of this stunning tiara 

What else Queen Elizabeth II wore at her wedding

Gambling was intense on which of the royal tiaras would be gracing Katherine Middleton's hair on the day she married Prince William. How many of the tiaras she will be allowed to wear before she becomes queen herself.... well, that's an ongoing story. Happy Royal-Watching!

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