Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Stunning pink diamond was thought to be 'crystal'

Infamous First Lady Imelda Marcos had some fabulous jewels seized when her family fled following their loss of power in the Philippines. But nobody knew this was one of them.

"Marcos’ briolette-cut or barrel-shaped pink diamond is from India’s famous Golconda region, which produced rare finds like the Hope Diamond and a 500-carat diamond that is part of the British crown jewels."

(no photo, as there are conflicting images being flung around on the web right now. I'll wait until one of them is verified as hers)

Here's the story of her seized jewels, now coming up for auction after 30 years in a government-controlled bank vault.

To find out more about fabulous gems from the Golconda region, check out the 'Bloodshot Diamond' tab for the history of these and other gems.

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